"We bond together:
work as a team.
That is Why We Do What We Do."

About Us

Chidi and Ify are married but we are best of friends. We started working together as a team since 2003. We have seen ups and downs but our marriage has been blissful.

Our passion for impacting lives bonded us together as a team in this journey of online marketing. Our joy is that we have seen our students change from struggling affiliate marketers to experts in internet business within a short time.


Top Smart Affiliates was born out of neccesity when when a lot of people started pressuring us to let them in to how we succeed in affiliate marketing easily whereas they have been struggling for months and years without achieving the desired results. When we discovered that we couldn’t handle all these “private” one-on-one talks, we decided to open up a place  where we can tutor students and millions of them can access us at their convenient time. The best place we can come up with is on the internet.

Top Smart Affiliates is an interesting team of people who have the passion to impact positively into the lives of people. Affiliate marketing is one of the avenues through which people can wriggle of poverty. But it must be done with adequate information and skill. Hence, we are here to help you cross the desert.

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Teaming up with my husband to help people who have been struggling with life to see the sunny side of life is what gives me joy.

Procrastination is a thief of time. Don’t keep sitting on the fence. Join the host of others who have benefited from the tutorials of Top Smart Affiliates team. Get in touch with us today.

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